Sharon Osbourne And Sheryl Underwood On Hosting The Daytime Emmy Awards: ‘Get Your Popcorn, It’s Going To Be Good’

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The Daytime Emmy Awards come to CBS for the 14th time on Friday, June 26th at 8:00PM ET/PT. This year’s awards will be very different than year’s past as the show goes social distant in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s show will be hosted remotely by the ladies of The Talk as they guide viewers through a night of awards, performances and speeches on America’s Most Watched Network. CBS‘ Matt Weiss spoke to hosts Sheryl Underwood and Sharon Osbourne ahead of Friday night’s ceremony.

MW: Good morning Sheryl and Sharon! Excited to get into the Daytime Emmy Awards with you both but before that how’s quarantine been going?

SU: I only go out about once a week. When I do go out and run my errands, I’ll make sure that everybody that needs to be paid who works with me is paid. I also support a local business when I go out. I’m always wearing my mask. People are saying this is the new normal, but this is not normal.

I want people to understand that if we do the right things and if we present for an example like doing The Talk from at home and giving people respite from their lives and understand we’re going through this with you that I think we can get through this COVID thing together.

MW: Absolutely. Sharon what about you?

SO: The first couple of weeks were like, oh this isn’t bad, this is great, this is OK. I can do this. Then I started to itch. It’s boring away from the world. It’s very, very strange times that we’re living in. We’re all blessed that we’re well and we all have a job and that we are blessed. But it’s very strange times indeed.

I wish I could say, oh yeah, I picked up this amazing hobby or this that the other. I haven’t. I haven’t done a damn thing.

MW: That’s alright. Sometimes maybe just need a break.

SO: Yeah.

SU: You know what? I cleaned out stuff. I made donations to different places. I think, for me, I have adapted really well, better than I thought. But I’m a homebody by nature, so I kind of like this. I do like the interaction with our hosts and it’s our way of staying together. We text each other. We call each other, girl what are you doing? What are you wearing? What’s going on? I think we’re kind of closer now, don’t you think Sharon? We were we were always close, but this brought us together.

SO: Yeah, it has done, definitely.

MW: The Daytime Emmy Awards will be very different than any version before with social distancing. What can viewers expect?

SO: It’s going to be a lot more relaxed. I think it will be a totally different show. You will still see all the winners there. You’ll see everybody’s acceptance speeches and famous faces from daytime. It’s just going to be a whole different experience, which is fun.

SU: Yes, yes. You know what’s great about it, this is the 14th time that CBS has broadcast the Daytime Emmys; more than any other network. I want to thank the Academy., I want to thank CBS as a network and CBS studios for bringing us all together in a way that we can still show that we are practicing social and physical distancing as well but it’s going to be exciting.

You get to see presenters like Gayle King, Kathy Lee Gifford, Kelsey Grammer, Wayne Brady, Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, Michael Strahan. But then you get to see the titans of daytime Melody Thomas Scott who’s Mickey from The Young And The Restless and Eric Brighton who’s Victor Newman. Then you see Maurice Bernard, Sonny Corinthos from General Hospital and the Cookie Monster.

I think what it is, it’s like a big cookout party where we salute daytime. We party with my colleagues, but all the fans get to kick it with us in their own homes as well. You know what I mean?

MW: Absolutely. Everybody’s going to be there.

SU: Yes, yes, yes. And Matt we’re up for two awards. We’re up for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show and Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host, so wish us luck. Because we want to win. Sharon, that will make you and two-time winners.

SO: Oh yeah. I want to win that’s for sure. I’m Not going be the woman that they put the camera on who’s like, oh that’s great, I’m so happy for the winner. No, I want to win!

SU: I want to go, yeah!

MW:  Maybe do a little victory dance around the living room something like that.

SO: Definitely!

SU: Absolutely! We’ve been doing The Talk from home since March 30th. We’re doing usually what our team does; our own hair and make-up, our own lighting. We’re working through the scripts, getting our equipment together, but our teams are nominated as well.

When you’re being acknowledged for your achievement in daytime it makes you feel good. It makes you feel like you’re doing the work that you’re supposed to be doing because people need a respite in their lives and that’s what we are right now; we’re the respite.

If you want to see game shows, if you want to see news, if you want to see talk shows, if you want to see something that gives you a bridge to the world then keep watching The Talk at home and keep watching the Daytime Emmys. Get your popcorn, it’s going to be good.

SO: That’s just what I wanted to say Sheryl!

SU: That’s right Sharon, we were thinking together.

SO: We were.

MW: Co-hosts telepathy there..

SO: Oh yeah!

SU: Yes, yes.

MW: Awesome. Last person before I let you go here. People really need some kind of distraction and some kind of respite, as you said, to take their minds off of everything right now. What does it mean to each of you be able to give people that right now when they tune in to watch you on TV?

SO: It means a lot. It does mean a lot. We try and keep people spirits up but at the same time you have to discuss what’s going on in the world because the world is changing so drastically in every which way.

SU: Yes.

SO: Politically, medically, scientifically so we have to talk about those things because otherwise we wouldn’t be relevant. It’s trying to find that balance to still keep people spirits up but still discuss what’s going on. It gives us joy doesn’t it, Sheryl?

SU: Absolutely. It’s a duty. It’s an honor. What we do at The Talk, we’re talking about things that women and men are talking about. You can live vicariously through us. We have fans that tell us that they’re yelling at the TV or they’re applauding, or I agree with this, Sharon said this Marie said this, Carrie Ann said this, Eve said this, Sheryl said this. What are we wearing, what are we thinking of, having the great guests come on talk about their projects. Also talk about their feelings about what’s happening in our country and all over the world. For me I love that one, like anybody else we’re happy to have jobs. We’re appreciative that we have jobs.

SO: Absolutely!

SU: For all the essential workers out there, for all the medical people we want you to be able to come home. Put your feet up and enjoy and have a respite with the ladies of The Talk because we’re talking about things that you talk about. We’re all in this together, we can get through this and the country is going to come together for good!

MW: Well it’s always such a pleasure talking to the two of you thank you so much for the time today and all the best, stay safe!

SO: Stay safe! Bye Matt!

SU: we love you, Matt!

The Daytime Emmy Awards air Friday, June 26th at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. Check your local listings for more information.

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